Fellows-in-Residence Program enables us to bring to campus national leaders in the public and private sectors and to have them work with our students and faculty during their term of residence. These fellows will be in residence for one or two months and will be selected by the Center in concert with the colleges and student units on campus.

Knight Scholars Program includes scholarly, curriculum and technology specialists who advise the Center on the development of a digital civics course that will be available to community colleges and universities throughout the nation.  Their appointments extend over a two-year period and, through visits to campus and Internet communication, they are guiding the course‚Äôs development.

The Civil Debate Wall uses the latest technology to educate, energize, and inform students. We are using it as a first step in building an engaged campus community.

Graham Civic Scholars engages students in researching issues of critical importance to Florida and its sixty-seven counties. Students work under the supervision of Graham Center staff in conducting in-depth interviews and intensive research on the topics.  The culminating event of the program is a round-table gathering of students where they tackle the issues and offer solutions and strategies on the topics that were examined during the semester.

*Graham Student Interns take part in internships in the public and private sectors. Students have a faculty mentor and an internship mentor to ensure that the experience is meaningful and productive.

Askew Scholars comprise three juniors, selected on the basis of their commitment to community service and civic engagement. Expectations are that these students have already distinguished themselves in leadership and community service and that they will be preparing themselves for a life of public service. Those selected for this program take several courses in public policy, receive intensive leadership training, and work with a mentor to help prepare them for a life of public service.

*Graham Faculty Scholars are those who guide the work of the Graham Engagement Scholars, interact with them on a regular basis, and direct their writing and research on the topic.

The Minor in Public Service offers undergraduates a curriculum that enables them to pursue their interests and knowledge of public service and offers them a minor certificate upon completion

Public Events are an extension of the educational and internship experiences. Nationally recognized public policy leaders are invited to campus to meet with students and to speak on current issues of importance. These lectures are designed to help students understand the pressing issues confronting society, while also engaging the public in the programs of the Center and in the work of our students and faculty.

Data Collection and Analysis of Civic Health Research
is a research initiative to collect data on social networking for civic engagement purposes by UF students (in collaboration with Bureau of Economic and Business Research at UF). The aim is to determine if a UF undergraduate education has resulted in increased civic engagement and activism.