Alexa Lamm


Dr. Alexa Lamm is an assistant professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication and the Director of the National Public Policy Evaluation Center for Agriculture and Natural Resources (NPPEC). The NPPEC is a subsidiary of the Center for Public Issues Education within the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida. She received her undergraduate (1999) and M.A. degree (2000) from Colorado State University. She then worked as an agricultural extension agent in Colorado for eight years before getting her Doctoral degree from the University of Florida in Program Development and Evaluation. She is now on faculty at the University of Florida and specializes in conducting evaluations on agricultural and natural resource public policy implementation and the use of evaluation methodology as it applies to programmatic and organizational change theory.
The NPPEC is a globally significant education and research center that takes a multi-disciplinary approach to examining how current and potential public policy related to agriculture and the natural resources are impacting U.S. citizens. NPPEC’s goal is to assist the public in making informed decisions about public policy that balances agricultural necessity and natural resource conservation to ensure a sustainable future. A full view of the work NPPEC is engaged in can be found at