Bob Graham Center Florida Citizen of the Year

Nominee Information
Nominator Information

The following prompts may be helpful in guiding your one-page statement (250 words) explaining why the nominee warrants being selected as the “Bob Graham Center Citizen of the Year.”

I. Describe the nominee’s achievements in improving Floridians’ quality of life. Examples may include advancing the availability, improvement and/or expansion of services to Floridians; demonstrated leadership in grassroots organizing; meaningful contributions to the advancement of public policy; or helping to address a critical issue facing Florida and its citizens.

II. Describe the ways in which the nominee reflects a commitment to the common good. Document, for example, how the nominee encourages and embodies leadership, service, quality improvement, and community.

III. Describe the nominee’s achievements in serving Florida and his/her dedication to making Florida a better place for all who call it home. Include memberships, offices held, awards received, council appointments, and committee/association memberships.

IV. Discuss the ways in which the nominee has helped to foster civic engagement and public service in the state of Florida.

Supporting Documentation
Up to three additional pages of supporting documentation will be accepted in addition to the form and statement. Attach and label additional documentation, such as curriculum vitae, published articles, newspaper clippings etc.