Civic Library


The Bob Graham Center Civic Library is a repository for projects that aim to spark conversation about approaches to civic engagement and about the nature of citizenship and citizen responsibility in a democratic society. The Civic Library includes:

Civil Debate Wall Resources
This page features specific information and additional resources for the Catalyst Grant Project, which utilizes the Civil Debate Wall as a research tool.

Civic Health Research
Because of the rapid growth of the state over the last three decades, local leaders often do not have a firm grasp on their communities. Each year the Florida Joint Center on Citizenship in collaboration with the National Conference on Citizenship release published reports based on annual civic health data.

Case Studies 
Case studies are documented accounts of how grassroots efforts by citizens can influence the decisions of government. These case studies were generated by University of Florida faculty and graduate students.

Conversations on Citizenship
This video collection is part of an ongoing effort to encourage debate on how to increase civic engagement. These conversations aim to see current events through the lens of democratic participation and to help foster a more civil debate on political issues.

White Papers
Authoratative report on Florida election law changes and solutions to electoral issues.