During its tenure from 1995-2013, the Reuben O.D. Askew Institute at the University of Florida, convened multiple statewide and local public forums to engage Floridians on a wide array of public policy issues affecting both Florida and the nation.  Meeting topics included: policy changes in Medicaid and coverage for children, community development, health care reform, water, consumer protection, philanthropy, public education, higher education, and long-term care.  In 1999, the Askew Institute received a Distinguished Community Service Award from the Board of Regents for its service to the State of Florida.

The Institute’s last statewide meeting was held in 2008, although it held several community-based meetings thereafter.  While the Askew Institute has ceased to exist its mission to encourage and advance civic engagement continues in full force at the Bob Graham Center. Several essays from the Askew Institute’s statewide meetings are available.

In addition, the following reports from the Institute’s statewide meetings may be accessed upon request.  Please contact Shelby Taylor (sheladk9@ufl.edu) if you would like a copy.

Building Community in Florida (1995)

What Will Floridians Expect of Government in the 21st Century? (1997)

Florida and the Global Economy (1998)

A View of the 21st Century:  Demographic Developments and Their Implications for Florida’s Future (1999)

The Graying of Florida (2000)

The Children of Florida (2001)

Democracy and the Economy in Florida at a Time of National Crisis (2002)

The Health Crisis:  Seeking Solutions in Florida and the Nation (2003)

The Role of Philanthropic Organizations in Florida’s Civil Society (2004)

Confronting the Public Education in Florida and the Nation (2004)

How Should Florida’s Water Supply be Managed in Response to Growth? (2005)

Plan, Rescue, Recover and Reassess:  Coordinating Responses to Hurricanes in Florida (2006)

Child Welfare Issues in Florida and the Nation (2006)

Recent Policy Changes in Medicaid and SCHIP Coverage for Children:  What Works and What Doesn’t? (2006)

Building Community Around Florida’s 4 Generations:  Where Should we Begin? (2008)