An expert in ancient languages and literature, Dr. Sheila Dickison was director of the University of Florida's Honors Program from 1996-2007 and served as Associate Provost from 1999-2007.

Under her administration, the Honors Program grew to provide a wealth of new information and resources to students. Dr. Dickison oversaw the opening of the Honors Residential College at Hume Hall in 2002, development of a comprehensive prestigious scholarship support and guidance program for students, implementation of a database for research opportunities called the Undergraduate Research Database and numerous other programs and initiatives.

Her numerous awards include the Mort Wolfson Award, the Blue Key Distinguished Faculty Award and the Association for Academic Women Achievement Award.

Dr. Dickison has been actively involved in activities relating to the teaching of Latin and the classics. She has served as the president of the American Classical League, an organization of over 4,000 teachers of classics at all levels.

Dr. Dickison earned her bachelors degree from the University of Toronto in 1964 and her masters and Ph.D in Latin and Greek from Bryn Mawr College. After spending two years at the American Academy in Rome she taught at Wellesley College from 1969-1976 and then joined the University of Florida's Classics Department in 1976. From 1989-1995, she served as Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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