Spring 2019 Applications Are Now Closed

Fall 2019 Applications will open in April

Spring 2019 Placements:

  • iCivics
    • A national non-profit organization focusing on civics-based learning games in a digital environment
    • Skills: communications, marketing, PR, digital media, social media, graphic design, non-profit management
  • Who We Play For Florida
    • National non-profit focused on understanding and educating about Sudden Cardiac Arrest in student athletes
    • Skills: advocacy, lobbying, Florida politics, communications, PR, research and outreach
  • PolitiFact Florida
    • Florida arm of the national political fact-checking organization.

About the program
The Bob Graham Center for Public Service's Virtual Internship Program removes the financial and geographic barriers of the traditional internship experience, allowing students to stay at home or on campus while completing the internship experience. Interns typically work on project based assignments including fundraising, database management, social media and digital communications.

Qualifying placements include but are not limited to those in government offices/agencies and those in non-profit organizations in which the student-intern’s primary responsibilities will be related to government/public affairs, although Bob Graham Center staff will be willing to evaluate other placement types on a case-by-case basis.

Who is eligible to be a VIP student-intern?

  • All currently enrolled full-time UF and UF Online undergraduate students with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Students are only eligible to participate in VIP one semester throughout their time at UF.
  • Students who are studying abroad are encouraged to apply.
  • International students who participate in the VIP program may not be eligiable for the 1-week onsite visit at the internship location due to travel restrictions.

What is the application and selection process?

  • Students may apply for up to three positions of interest.
  • Students must submit three required components to Kevin Baron at
    1. VIP application form (Download)
    2. Resume
    3. Cover letter

What are the components of the virtual internship experience?

The student internship experience will comprise two components—the Internship Component and the Course Component—for a combined weekly effort 9 hours on average.

  • Internship Component: The student-intern will be registered for IDS 4940: Virtual Internship Program for 3 gen-ed credits.

Internship Tasks. The student-intern will complete the tasks that are assigned to them by the supervising office, with the expectation that the workload will be 6 to 8 hours each week on average.

On-Site Visit. With financial support from the Bob Graham Center, students will be expected to spend one week on-site at their internship placement, preferably before the start of the semester in which the internship is being completed.

  • Course Component: The student-intern will use UF’s Learning Management System, Canvas, to submit all Workday Briefings, Weekly Reviews, Missions, and the Final Paper.

Workday Briefing. The student-intern will complete briefings on the days that s/he works. The briefing will consist of listing internship tasks for the day and logging any communication with the supervising office. This will provide the intern will with the ability to track all work activity and communication throughout the semester.

Weekly Review. The student-intern will complete a weekly reflection that addresses the following questions: What did you get done this week? What did you not get done? What helped you to be successful? What got in your way/prevented you from getting certain things done?

Final Paper. The student-intern will submit a final paper (5 to 7 pages) in the form of a research paper, policy proposal, legislation activity report, or any other form for which the student-intern receives prior approval from the instructor. This paper should be inspired and informed by the internship experience.

Missions. The student-intern will complete at least three Missions from a pre-selected list. Students are welcome to propose alternatives to the instructor.

Other items of note:
Before the internship begins, the student-intern will review time management skill building through UF’s Gatorwell office, which offers a host of resources.  Student MUST view a brief course on Improving Time Management. View the course.

Any questions may be directed to Dr. Kevin Baron, Civic Engagement Coordinator, Bob Graham Center for Public Service. He may be reached at or at 352-846-1575.