January 25, 2018


The UF African American Studies Program welcomed University of Kentucky Professor Gerald Smith to speak at the Bob Graham Center on Jan. 25 at 6 p.m. in the Pugh Hall Ocora as part of series of campus events commemorating the life of Martin Luther King Jr. nearly 50 years after his tragic assassination. Smith is a professor of African American and Africana Studies.

He is the co-editor of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Volume VI, Advocate of the Social Gospel, which documents the life of America's best-known advocate for peace and justice.

In 1997 Mrs. Coretta Scott King granted the King Papers Project permission to examine papers kept in boxes in the basement of the Kings' home. The most significant finding was a battered cardboard box that held more than two hundred folders containing documents King used to prepare his celebrated sermons. This private collection that King kept in his study sheds considerable light on the theology and preaching preparation of one of the most noted orators of the modern era.

Co-sponsors: Bob Graham Center for Public Service, the Center for Race and Race Relations and Samuel Proctor Oral History Program