Millennials can't catch a break this election season. If you tune in to broadcast news stations, you will hear that young voters are either going to waste their vote on a third-party candidate or fail to show up at the polls entirely. Yet, if young voters vow support for one of the major-party candidates, they are patronized for making an uninformed decision and are reminded of their lack of experience in the “real world.”

I’ll admit, statistics show that people under 30 are less likely to vote than any other age group. This year, they are more likely to report a preference for alternative options like the Green Party or Libertarian Party. However, too often, these statistics are used as fodder to argue that millennials are either apathetic or unrealistic when it comes to voting. This is problematic. Berating millennials will not get them to the polls nor will it entice them to research issues or join the mainstream line of thinking.  READ MORE