He has the most prominent name in the Republican field, is as accomplished and experienced as any of his opponents, and is well funded. But Jeb Bush’s campaign can’t seem to connect with voters. Just when it looked like his forces were rallying in New Hampshire, he finished well behind Trump and a disappointing fourth overall to Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz.

This past week, writer Carl Hiaasen stated what most of us believed about Jeb, that he “had more money, more brains, more connections and more governing experience than any other Republican wanting to be president.” Hiaasen “thought his nomination would be a slam dunk.”

So what happened? The early Iowa caucuses did not help him, especially with Evangelicals playing such a prominent role in them.

His poor showing in Iowa made New Hampshire even more vital to his ambitions but, unlike Trump and Kasich, he struggled initially to win over middle and working class people in the Granite State.

So what now? Is it time for Jeb to join the likes of Rick Perry and Chris Christie on the sidelines? READ MORE