As the presidential campaigns wage on, it has become increasingly clear that civility has lost its place on the debate stage and in our democracy.

For those of us who hope to revitalize the civic culture of Florida, this slander, vilification and impertinence is as disappointing as it is embarrassing.

And yet its prevalence in our civic discourse affirms that there is no more important time than the present to continue the vital work of nurturing responsible and thoughtful public leadership.

As University of Florida President Kent Fuchs stated in a recent letter to supporters of the Bob Graham Center, “Few roles that the Graham Center and this university serve are as important as shaping and inspiring tomorrow's leaders.”

I couldn't agree more.

The Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida is dedicated to strengthening students' understanding of social responsibility, servant leadership, informed decision making and ethical behavior. With our continued focus on engaged and informed citizenship and excellence in public leadership, one can only hope that civility is not too far gone to be restored in our democratic republic. READ MORE