As I near the end of my undergraduate career, lots of young people — I guess “young-er people” would be more accurate — have come to me asking for advice.

“What should I do to get the most out of my time here at UF? Can you just give me some guidance?”

On the one hand, I’m flattered these young people would misplace their confidence with an opinions columnist. On the other hand, I’m rather annoyed at their inquiries. People on their deathbeds are asked these kinds of questions, not a spry, intelligent, good-looking, energetic young man hoping for “world domination” and trying to “rule everything.”

I tell these youngsters to go out, prowl about campus and search for a mentor. Just try to look for someone to inspire you, push you and believe in you. Find someone wiser than you. With that criteria, I bet you have a lot of options. READ MORE