From making policies to writing books, Former Florida Gov. Bob Graham is all for having citizens be politically involved. 

Whether it’s through protesting, visiting local school board meetings or conducting public records requests, Graham, now 80, says knowledge is power — no matter the arena.

On Tuesday, Graham, also a three-term senator, and Chris Hand, an attorney and former press secretary to Graham, stopped by The Gainesville Sun to promote their new book "America, The Owner’s Manual: You Can Fight City Hall — and Win."

They discussed the book in the evening at the Bob Graham Center on the University of Florida campus.

Graham and Hand addressed broad local topics, some outlined in the book, and national topics. They said they hope the book will help citizens become more locally productive, informative and discover what is attainable through democracy.

The book has 10 chapters, each that teaches a different skill citizens can use to make government more responsive. READ MORE