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Have you identified a community problem that needs to be tackled?  Know how to fix it, but lack the resources to implement a solution?  Here's your chance to make a difference.

The Civic Innovators Project (formerly known as H3C) is an opportunity for social entrepreneurs to generate solutions and make a difference in our community.

The Challenge: To improve the civic health of our campus and/or a Florida community by proposing projects that will advance the common good.

The Call: The Bob Graham Center is seeking proposals for innovative projects that will strengthen our campus, our Florida communities, or both. These projects can take many different forms, with a focus on social, economic, educational, health and political issues, or on some combination thereof. But they must be collaborative, groundbreaking and promote achievable objectives.

I. Proposals should be submitted to The Bob Graham Center
Submit the following to Dr. Kevin Baron at OR The Bob Graham Center 220 Pugh Hall:

a. A two-page narrative that includes a statement of the problem, a brief description of the project, a list of goals and a discussion of the strategies to reach the goals;

b. A one-page description of a collaborative approach that includes the core team of at least 3-5 UF students who will lead and organize to achieve the project's goals;

c. A letter of support from a faculty member or advisor;

d. A letter of support from any campus or community group with which the project will support, collaborate with and/or rely upon (only required if the project will indeed involve another group); and

e. A one-page annotated budget.

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II. Proposals will be judged by the following criteria:

a. The degree to which the project is consistent with the program's objective to improve the civic health of our communities by making a measurable impact in an innovative and creative manner;

b. The degree to which the proposed project is focused on an important issue and demonstrates a thoughtful and workable strategy;

c. The degree to which the project’s goals are clear and achievable within one year; and

d. The degree to which the project is sustainable and perhaps transferable.

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III. Selection process:

a. A three-person committee, of UF faculty and staff, will judge the proposals based upon the criteria listed above.

b. The best proposals will be invited to give a short presentation to the selection committee, with the opportunity for questions.

c. The most promising and feasible project proposal will be awarded up to $5,000 to pursue its implementation.

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IV. Note to applicants:

Your project proposal application should demonstrate a thorough well thought out project that will make a positive impact on a local community. Your project should demonstrate a level of creativity and social entrepreneurship, utilizing a productive team effort to achieve clear goals. This is not easy to achieve, nor should be taken lightly. It is recommended that you schedule a meeting with Dr. Kevin Baron at the Graham Center to consult with prior to submitting a proposal.

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The Civic Innovators Project (formerly known as H3C) is funded by the Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida and overseen by the Bob Graham Center and the UF Division of Students Affairs.